Saturday, January 14, 2017

Coffee: My Best Friend

Dear Coffee, 
First of all Thank you! 
Thank you for keeping me alive this past few days. You never know what relief you give me everytime I feel restless from my everyday life. You have saved me from getting sleepy and just staring the monitor during work hours.  
Secondly, Thank you for being a friend whenever I don't know where to go. You may have different looks and taste but in the end you are still the coffee that I know I've always wanted. You are the friend that will never be tired of spending time with me whenever i'm alone. 
Sometimes you're cold to refresh me when I'm having a hard time and sometimes warm to make feel the warmth of having a company even it's just you me in the corner of the room. I can't always have the time and money to be with you but one thing is for sure, you are worthy of every penny I spend and time I want to kill. 
Lastly, thank you for making me feel alive. For making me feel my heartbeat that I didn't realize is still working. You made me realize that I am still in this body everytime my heart beats faster. I may have trouble coping with it but I know it's just you acting like a real friend trying to wake me up from  from the dream that is a little too far for now. 
I can't imagine how hard it is to live without you.
You are the truest friend I have now.
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