Sunday, October 27, 2013

San San Gel Eyeliner: Review

I really love eyeliners it is one of the most used  makeup products in my collection. I use it to make my eyes look bigger and give it a new shape. This is my first try to use a gel liner so i'll give it a review.
I bought it because i wanted something new for my makeup look for the fashion week.  I've heard and read a lot of reviews about this product so here's mine.

 The Product cost 115 pesos Available at all HBC stores and it comes in two colors Black and Brown
This is how the packaging looks like
The product comes with a brush

Swatch test . 
 I tried to test if it is water proof and i even tried to smudge it 

I tried it first to my Cousin's eye so i could take a good photo. 

+ Positive+
-Cheap, Affordable unlike the other brands here 
-Comes with a brush
-Good Packaging
-No Bad smell

-Just make sure you use  primer before using the product especially for those who have oily skin it might be smudged easily or worst thing, It might stick to your crease. Make sure to set it with black eye shadow


I'll give this product a score of 5/5  and i recommend this to girls looking for affordable and quality cosmetics.