Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day at Ace Water Spa

2013 has been a BUSY year for me. I had my practice teaching for almost 4 months which caused me so much stress, sleepless nights and also sickness. I am also a graduating student that's why i have a lot of requirements to accomplish by the end of the semester.

Now, I have been staying at home doing all chores. From laundry, ironing clothes, cooking and washing the plates, Etc. More than that i am sleeping  LATE everyday that i wake up at  the afternoon and not having lunch (still i have to do all the chores no matter what time i wake up).

I know it's not good for my body and thank you to my mom's college friend for letting us join their reunion at Ace Water Spa at Pasig.
Ace Water Spa and Hotel Facade at Pasig
My Mom's Friend Hotel Suite at 11th floor

A view from their Restaurant

With my 2 sisters.. Ready in my Bikini
Mom's College Friends

Its not my first  time to go at Ace Water Spa. I've been to their Banawe branch before.
What to expect at Ace Water Spa':

  • There is a restaurant. The food is kinda Expensive so better bring enough money if you want to eat there. 
    A clubhouse sandwich for our lunch (Diet)
  • Entrance is worth 550 pesos or if you want look for a deal at the internet to avail discounts.
  • Bring Proper swimwear (make sure it's not cotton) or else you will  rent or buy one of their swim wear. 
    See those people wearing their swimsuits and enjoying No one cares what body figure or age you have.
  • Everyone is entitled 1 key for the locker to keep their personal belongings.
  • Camera is not allowed
  • There are enough Changing rooms, Shower rooms, toilets at the comfort room.
  • Plastic Bags, Hair Dryers, Cotton Buds, shampoo and soap are also available so if you forget to bring one, You are lucky)
  • Shower before dipping the pool
  • Swimming caps are given and should be worn at all times.
  • Make sure to read the description of the massage station before pressing of going into it.
  • There is a Swimming Pool that is about 4.3 ft 
  • Make sure to see the warning list at the herbal pools, sauna and steam bath (person with high blood or heart disease may not be encourage to go).
  • Finally, Enjoy and Relax