Thursday, February 13, 2014

PANTENE: Choose to Shine

Last January, I received my Pantene package from Belle De Jour which includes the following:


This is a part of their Campaign for girls in Partnership with Belle de jour to encourage them shine this 2014.
 In order to Shine this year we must prepare ourselves to all the challenges and adventures we will take and part of it is to look great and confident with ourselves. One of the things that  I am not Confident to show off is my HAIR.
Most of the time I have a Bad Hair Day Moment especially after riding jeepneys going to school or somewhere else so I always end up asking someone to tie or braid my hair. Its been 1 year and 2 months since I had my last rebonding treatment at Cosmopolitan Salon and 9 months after I had my haircut at Famous Salon by FnH. I've been planning for a long time to change my hairstyle but  all the hairstyles I want wouldn't fit my dry,frizzy,wavy hair.Wavy to curly hair runs in our Family that's why even my sisters had their hair rebonded and experience same hair problems as mine
See how damaged it looks like 
If I am to describe my split ends using a movie It would be  "INCEPTION"
Split ends on a split end
I am Obssessive-Compulsive  about my hair that whenever I see any Split-Ends... I would Hold that strand until I have my scissors and cut it down and start searching for the others. Sometimes I  end up at 2am just trying to get rid of those ends. yeah it's a weird past time.

I tried to use different products Like Dove, ellipse  and Vitress but it just resulted giving me dandruff and hair lice (and that is disgusting).

So here's a little review:

Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner

How to Use: Click here

This product comes in 180ml squeeze bottle. It has a good packaging design. I also like the lid of the conditioner, When you squeeze it the conditioner looks like an icing from a cupcake from a piping bag.

The product gives a sweet vanilla scent and I really love it.  The formula is not that thick it easily slides on my palm and unlike other conditioners it could be easily rinsed off and that is a plus for me. Having a very long hair is really hard to maintain that's why I prefer this conditioner because I can Easily rinse the product off my hair and avoid the formation of dandruff.

Pantene All day Smooth Miracle Water

Hot to use it: Click here

It comes in a 100 mL bottle. Unlike other hair products,it does not leave a sticky substance after  applying it to your hair, you don't have to look for a hanky to wipe off the excess product on your palm. It also comes on a pump bottle which is good that you don't have to struggle pouring or squeezing it out.

It could be spread easily and can be used in any weather especially this summer to keep your hair moist and manageable.
I also have a lot of Baby hair
With Miracle Water
As you can notice my hair looks moist. With my hair texture I have to brush or Comb it from time to time to avoid "Buhaghag look" that I always have.
I know 7 days wouldn't be enough to have a healthy and shiny hair, Having a good Hair regimen will always be the key and a cure to a more beautiful hair. Start repairing your hair Now... so you won't regret it on the the future

 with this new hair products I believe:
Looking forward to have a healthy and shiny hair this year with Pantene

Here are some photo's of mine enjoying my hair

Day 1 of My Review after using Both products
Day2: whip it
Day 3: Wish my hair would always look like this FOREVER!! 
Day 4: I don't Care.. I LOVE IT..
Day  5: Those curls...

Day 6: Leaving for a Sunday Mass 

Day 7: Used Miracle Water in My hair before going to the pool. Sun's a little bit harsh to my hair.

I'll definitely Use Pantene Daily Conditioner and miracle water again.. It's like a bottle sent from heaven. Two-three uses makes an improvement to my damaged hair Especially this summer. Hot weather could also damage your hair so better use the best hair products for your hair.Definitely this would be on our shopping cart. So try and see it for yourself.


Even the biggest names in showbiz trust Pantene.

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