Friday, January 30, 2015

I #BlogwithNuffnang

Let me tell you this Blog's History.
It all started with my Creative Writing class way back in College, We write Poems like Sonnet, Haiku also Short Stories, Movie Scripts, Essays which were all required to be posted on Blogger for checking, At first I was hesitant to post it because I really doubt works and It all sucks.
My Blog became Vacant for almost 2 years not until I checked it and Saw there are people who are viewing or somehow reading whatever the crap I created and That started a Spark on my mind to make a separate blog for my Personal interest which resulted to this.
I started to Post and Post until I realized Yeah there is someone dropping by my Blog. I became conscious with how it looks just like how a mother dresses her child, I change layouts, Copy Codes from Someone's website. I knew I wanted MORE so I tried to recall my Basic Photoshop Skills and started decorating my own, It was hard, I always sleep late but at the moment I look at my finished product, I know everything is Worth it and I'm Proud of it No Matter what others may say.
As I have always say  Blogging is my Rendezvous, My Place where I could Escape the freaking reality and just be myself. During the time when I was suffering from depression, this became my therapy. Yeah It's really a great therapy especially when I started to be a member of Nuffnang Philippines.
Can't believe that It's almost a year since I signed up to become a member. I love being a Nuffnanger. I love how they make people feel special with the exclusive privileges  they give. I have joined a lot of their exclusive movie screenings with co-bloggers, Won some Contest with Awesome Prizes that makes you squeeze your creative juices and Event Invites where you can meet and Learn from different people  and another thing you can Earn Money.
Okay Guys, I admit it I'm Joining another contest because the Prize is Super Awesome and I Believe MY BLOG deserves it. I've Been dreaming of having my own Domain just like my favorite bloggers. Having my own domain  would be a great way to open my blog to everyone and to the whole world. 
So If you're a blogger looking for fun and excitement in the Blogosphere Why not #BLOGWithNUFFNANG
Happy Blogging!
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