Monday, February 15, 2016

Blondie and Bruhilda:Valentine's day 2016

Flowers,  Chocolates and balloons are all over the city and I am already starting to feel those ants crawling all over the metro due to the sweetness and effort of everyone for their loved ones. 
No I don't have a dozen of Ecuadorian Roses to brag to all of you, No fancy gifts and No cheesy messages on our social media.  Just the relationship that could last longer than your bouquet and a man more precious than your gifts

Having been together for almost 5 years,a lot of things changed between us. We've become understanding and patient to each other's differences. We've been through ups and downs yet we chose to keep each other. 
We're weird and we love being weird with each other. You'll see us taking more pictures of our food more than us and you should see how we enjoy shopping  at thrift shops just to find our outfit.  

For half a decade this love has taught me that no matter how expensive your flowers are, they'll wither and die soon. No matter how expensive those gifts are,  they'll soon loose it's  value but what matters most is the experience and learnings that could help you both grow. 

Happy Valentine's day! 
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