Friday, March 11, 2016

That thing called Wanderlust

Have you ever experienced getting crazy because you are too bored AF with your daily life? I should raise my 2 hands because I am totally dying just to get my feet kissed by the sea.  
You'll definitely think I am insane because right now I just googled '' HOW TO STOP WANDERLUST" and Google just gave me a lot of  articles which leads me to write something like this (just sharing).  
I am totally bored with my daily life but I try to find something exciting about it.  I am now trying to get back to my old hobbies like fashion illustration and calligraphy, I even bought new notebook and pen just to make sure I could keep myself distracted by creating or writing.

If you have noticed I haven't gone to any trips  for a while and you know what makes it more frustrating is that you'll be seeing Piso Fare and Red Hot Sale from different airline companies early this year or your facebook friends flooding your newsfeed with their picturesque beaches and sunsets with the hashtags #travel #wanderlust.  
They say traveling is the only thing that makes you rich that's why I believe that investing a little of your hard  earned salary could be one of the best things you could reward yourself for working hard. That's why I promised myself that whenever I  could get t a job that could support my wants and needs I'll definitely pack my bags give this itchy feet the right kind of treatment it deserves, besides life is  too short to be a corporate slave better yet live it like a boss  and create memories that you can cherish as you grow old. 
I can't really stop this wanderlust I'm telling you. So stop searching. No one can stop an earthling from being curious and excited with Earth's wonderful surprises
 Huhu  can someone take me to the beach 
 *photos from my last beach trip at Potipot 
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