Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Day at Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center Tanay

Summer is almost halfway done and I can't believe that I haven't gone anywhere out but thankfully my parents decided to throw a Summer Outing exclusive to our family which made me excited.
We had a lot of choices but we end up Booking at Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center,Tanay.
Keep reading to know my thoughts about this place.

We went to the resort last Saturday, April 30, 2016 and we arrived there at almost 4:30pm since we departed from our house past 12pm that day.
the Map they provided us was very helpful since it includes landmarks that we could find easily.

Checking In 
We had a problem while checking in. When I booked our room I requested Ms. Joanna to have our 2 rooms next to each other so we could easily go to each others room but yet they gave us rooms that are too far from each other ( Carneros 7 and Carneros 15)which made my mother and my sisters disappointed and angry. They told us that one of  the rooms that was booked for us (Carneros 16) is not available since it has a broken bathroom fixture. We checked it out and decided to just use it but then again we found out that Carneros 15 also has a broken bathroom fixture. They gave us another option which is the Carneros 30 which is just behind our room. My Parents are already tired so we just agreed and stayed at Carneros 15 and 30. They told us that Carneros 15 is still usable even it has that crack on the shower floor. 
The Rooms
Carneros Rooms are equipped with 2 Queen Size Beds, 4 Pillows, 4 Towels,Kettle, Aircon, Small fridge and television. It comes with a shower and bathtub. It also has a Balcony. This Room can accommodate 4 Persons.

The rooms are really nice and we are so excited to use the Bathtub, I had a nice sleep because of the 
good ambiance of our room. Minus points for the comfort room that still has a puddle of water and the broken shower floor

Bakasyunan has a lot of Amenities that could be perfect for Company Outings and Barkada trips since they offer team building activities. They have ATV's , Zip Line, Bike Trails, Horseback Riding and a lot more that could bring out your adventurous side. For us we haven't tried anything else since we already ran out of time. We just used their Garden pool which is just below our rooms and the Main pool on top. 

If it's your first time here you'll be surprised that there is a Windmill that could be sighted across the mountain nearby. 

We did not bring food inside the resort since it has  200 pesos corkage fee  per head. So instead we decided to just buy food from their restaurant . We ordered Kare-kare, Sisig, Chopsuey for our dinner. That time the restaurant isn't crowded that's why we are easily attended by their staffs. Tho' during breakfast we had a hard time ordering our food since there are already a lot of people in the restaurant and the food choices are limited since some of the food listed are not available.

Here are some snapshots from our trip at Bakasyunan

A quick dip at the pool before checking out
Parentals enjoying the view in their Balcony

We somehow had a great time at Bakasyunan. The place is super nice considering all the activities that they offer to their customers but I hope they could improve their Customer Service especially at the Reception Area.
 We had encountered a receptionist who tried to hold us from checking out and even dared to lessen the discount exclusively given to us even we have already paid everything in advance and I hope they could fix their Broken Bathroom fixtures to make sure that their customers most especially the kids are safe from accidents. 
I hope they could be consistent with their actions. Like the Carneros 16 which is just beside our room. They told us that it isn't available since it also has a broken shower floor which might over flow when used but then later on we found out that there are customers who occupied that room.
Our Family looked into the brighter side despite all those issues we had in Bakasyunan.
We told ourselves that no matter what, We are blessed to be here with our Family and we are blessed to travel as a family.
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