Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Before 24

A few days ago, I started contemplating on things that I am currently facing and I can't deny how crappy I have been with some of the decisions I made in life.
"I could have been" just one of the few  words that bothers my mind and heart whenever I remember something I have regretted. I always saw myself as a failure that's why I never tried again and eventually I messed up with everything. There are only few weeks left before I turn 24 and this is such a big deal to me since so far I don't know what to do with my life most especially with my career. Yes, I am currently employed but I never saw any achievement that I could be proud off, I am payed regularly but I have never felt being rewarded by this job, just me waking up early everyday working to be able to live and pay bills and buy whatever I like, but thankfully there are still some people who makes my day interesting.
I'm turning 24 and It's a big deal! You may say that I am overreacting but for this age and time I should be financially stable to support my family, I should be saving for my future and I should learn to leave my comfort zone.  
 Before I turn 24 this December, I wanted to do a lot of things I've never done before. I wanted to experience life's wonderful adventure that I've been missing all my life, I want to be me and I wanted to do those crazy things that my heart keeps whispering without my mind thinking of holding back.  
I just want to be someone who does something that matter to people around me.