Thursday, July 26, 2012

my frustration

One of my biggest frustrations in life is being a designer. Well i really don't know why im really into fashion and arts unlike my relatives who are in the field of education, accountancy, nursing and medicine which is a lot different from my interest. I dream being a photographer, Makeup artist and a designer.
A Designer Specifically on Gowns and dresses. Gowns maybe just used occasionally but for me Gowns aren't just dresses that are kept, it is  Magical. For every belle and ladies who would wear it would be transformed into someone we rarely see during the normal days. They turn from a simple lady into a princess whom everybody stares and talked to.
well to fulfill my dreams on being a designer i have a lot of my sketches all around my notebook and even in my handouts i use for school.

so check out some of my amateur designs.
off shoulder dress with frills ( sorry for the color)
this one is a tron inspired costume 
this one is a bride's maid gown.. just don't mind the legs of the croqui
meet my models.. i designed this red dress for a contest on our  university and my see through dress was a hit

Well i hope you like some of my designs. i accept criticisms, comments, suggestions.

thank you for reading my blog...