Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Big Splash

let it drizzle and i'd do the sizzle.
Summer is Over but For Us, Summer is attitude.. Last July 29,2012 It was Divine Zeryl's Birthday.  It was a rainy Sunday morning, it was like there is no chance of seeing the sun smile again.  I woke up Early to prepare myself for the trip.
 Well, it would be a swimming party so i won't be using too much makeup just powder, a little shimmer for the lids using NYX eye shadow  and a magic Lipstick from ever bilena. Well i dont want to look pale or look like an eggplant while swimming.
For my swim wear i used a Blue tankini and shorts ( hahaha ...Conservative) and i used a blue see through top to cover my self when im not swimming.

meet DIVINE, the birthday girl 
infinity with my babe 
That day was a blast.. that was my first time to be at Splash island, I experienced going into giant slides which made me scared and chill (literally and figuratively), but i am thankful that i have tried it all. That place used to be one of my dreams when i was a little kid. Sad to say i only took a few photos during that day but im still lucky to have my video taken in one of the slides there.

here is a flick of what we have:
1 2 3 Pose

tiki smile

Me, Tita Ellen, Kuya charles and divine

Those Picture and videos are not enough to show how i really enjoyed that day.
Im looking forward to back there again SOON.