Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cheap and Thrift Fashion : Ukay Invasion

Are you Looking For "Super Sale" for Bags , Shoes and Clothes? Well maybe here is a good place for you...
Ukay-Ukay, Wag-wagan, U.K or in thrift shop. this place is full of Second hand clothes or Surplus coming from different countries. You can find here Signature shoes, bags and clothes from Pants, skirts, Dress, Tops and even coats and jackets for a very affordable price...
I, Myself had visited this Ukay place near at Robinsons, Manila to check some unique items and look what i've got:
a yellow cardigan 125 pesos

Black Wedge for 400 pesos

But always remember always check the item for any damage, discoloration, missing buttons and the like.
and before using the items wash it first and soak it at warm water to avoid germs and bacterias that it might contain. 

One last thing, try checking the pockets because you might even get a penny or a dollar in it...