Saturday, August 3, 2013

June Bride 2013 Wedding and Debut Fair Experience

June... the Perfect Wedding Month... I really don't have any idea why but some says it's about the Roman Goddess Juno who is also known as the Roman Goddess of Marriage that's why a lot of couples consider this month to be the most favorable time to marry so they would be showered with luck and good wishes from the gods above if they did so.
Makes Sense!

I know its already August and too late to post but i just want to share this little experience i had during the exhibit...

What: June Bride 2013 Wedding and Debut Fair
When: June 29-30, 2013
Where: SMX Convention Center, SM Aura

It's my first time to attend an Exhibit and also my first time to go to that new Mall. The Aura of the place amazed me... The place fits its Name "AURA".
As I enter the exhibit room the Soft Music from inside will welcome you. Every Booth will give you something that they could offer for the Couples or Debutants.

I am an exhibitor for Ellen Clavio- Viray Bridal Shop. The Romantic Vibe makes me want to stay there. Most of the Exhibitors there are Photographers and Makeup services with free trial (Take note: Airbrush makeup). For our booth we have showcased Three designs for Bridal Gown which ranges from 20k - 40k Depending on your preferred design .

I am so happy to be in this exhibit hope there would be more.
To all the Brides To be who came thank you for Visiting our Booth. We hope to hear from you soon
Visit their shop at 11/88 Mall Divisoria Stall 2I-15..