Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vanity Kit Raid

Mall... just a walk from our school, so whenever i have time to go i'll do it...
Window Shopping one of my Past times whenever i'm bored, sad or waiting for someone no one can stop me going around the malls checking for shoes , clothes and especially Makeup...
I love checking makeup counters especially the Local Brands. I see a lot of color and sometimes test it for myself.
From Careline, Everbilena, Elf, Hayan Korea and Nichido... I always take a look for something new, good and  cheap.
I just hate it when a sales lady tries to follow me every single step i make, DO I LOOK LIKE A THIEF TO YOU?
Back to our topic those four makeup lines i just said are my favorite counters... Their products has a good quality yet wallet-friendly... The Problem now is I have a Lot and Sometimes i want to bring them all Because there might be an BEAUTY Emergency

So What Makeup Equipments and products should you keep in your glam bags and what should be left at Home?

According to Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual Every Makeup Should be arranged properly. You don't want to bring everything in your work or school every makeup that you have.
So Here's a little tip from the Book

Home Makeup

Organize your makeup either in your bathroom drawer, on top of the counter, or in a box. Keep basics and items used only occasionally separate. At least twice a year make sure your colors and formulas are working. Basics include:
  1. Concealers and correctors
  2. Foundation or tinted moisturizer
  3. Powder (two colors)
  4. Eye shadow (three to four basic colors)
  5. Eyeliner (powder and gel)
  6. Mascara
  7. Blush (powder or cream)
  8. Lipstick, gloss, lip pencil
Everyday Bag

Pack the following essentials in a small bag:
  1. One or two palettes that contain your foundation, concealer, blush, and lip color
  2. A compact of pressed powder with a mirror
  3. A basic eye palette—the smaller the better
  4. Mini mascara
  5. Lip gloss
  6. Mini brushes
  7. Small sample sizes of face cream

Evening Bag

Tiny purses don’t lend themselves to toting around lots of products, so you need to be selective. Pack the following items:

  1. Lipstick or gloss
  2. Lip pencil
  3. A powder compact
  4. Customizable face palette (containing concealer, foundation, blush)
  5. Mini perfume
  6. Breath mints

In Your Desk Drawer

It’s worth investing in duplicates of your makeup to keep in your office to freshen up before a big meeting or for reapplying if you need to go straight out after
work. These basics include the following items:
  1. Concealer
  2. Foundation
  3. Pressed powder (with mirror)
  4. Blush
  5. Lip balm, lip color, and/or gloss
  6. Black eyeliner and white or silver eye shadow to create an evening eye
  7. Mini brushes
  8. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste set

These are just guides on how to organize your makeup collection, Some products maybe optional so don't push yourself buying this things at the same time.
Remember Be sure to bring what is essential and keep the others while its not in use...

So What's inside my Vanity kit?

For My kit i always have the following:

Nichido Liquid Eyeliner for only 60 pesos. I've been using this for almost 3 years.. It's good and can last a day but it's not waterproof.. It has soft thin brush and contains at least 4 ml. it has no smell

Careline Oil Control Powder in Natural (Refill) for only 55 pesos. Very Cheap Huh, but it has no powder puff or sponge so i have to provide myself either a brush or a sponge. it says it has a vitamin E which is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin and that is a big PLUS, It smells like an ordinary powder.

EverBilena Matte Lipsticks for 155 (Love that Red and Pink Flame) - This lipstick really rocks. From its affordable Price, sleek Packaging and easy and long lasting use. This is the only lipstick i use for school and everyday use. I just hope that they would stick the swatch-like cap on its top so it won't be easily removed so some buyers won't be confused to use it as a lipbalm or primer.

Hayan Brow Liner - I Forgot My shade for this product but this one works amazing. It only Cost 90 pesos . It has a spoolie  at the other side which is a big plus for me.

Nichido 3 Color Eyeshadow - Mostly in Neutrals so it would fit for everyday use. Very Pigmented and a little shimmery. Has a Spongetip brush and Mirror on it

These are just some of the products i mostly use like for school , mass and simply going out. I hope i can show you an updated  makeup collection (If i can update it) soon.