Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Lesson Plan to Fashion Plan

Teachers... We Typically See them in Closed Black Shoes, Pencil skirt or Slacks and their tailored Uniforms, But still, This doesn't mean that Teachers Can't wear Fashionable and Trendy Clothes During Their  Wash days , Seminars, School Ceremonies and any other occasions that includes the SCHOOL. So here's a little look bible for you :
Pastel Colors For a Cooler and Fresher Look
This Looks are great for school gatherings like PTA Meetings, Fair and Even during Class Days Just Be Careful  in Choosing your heels... Remember You Have to Go Up and Down the Stairs and You don't want to end up With a Tired Feet and and in your Broken Heels.

Use of Boleros are very Important... Sleeveless clothes are not allowed  for teachers in school so make sure to have one in your closet

Accessory To Keep:
A Nice Watch to be able to check the time

This is Just a Little Compilation ...
  Every Teacher Must Face Their Students, Co-Teachers and  The Parents with a great Confidence in whatever  Clothes She's in. This Clothes are just tricks to look great, Feel Confident and gain Respect from others. Remember, Your Students Will always Look at You from Head to toe so better dress to impress for a better impression.