Friday, October 4, 2013

My Broken Lipstick Solution

Weather is really getting hotter nowadays.. It's now October yet i feel like its just Summer Even my lipsticks feel it too no it melts and breaks into half.
So here's my solution to the problem:
For my first try i tried to fix it by melting the bottom part of the lipstick and put it back together then cool it inside the fridge but after a few days same thing happened again.

My Lipstick is from Ever Bilena Pro Long Wear Lipstick in Destiny. The Lipstick has a creamy formula that's why it easily breaks plus the hot weather we have here. I use this lipstick everyday that's why i have decided to put it in a small container

 I bought this jars at Landmark for only 19.75 pesos it is small and perfect for the size of the lipstick

Place your Broken lipstick on a metal spoon and using a candle melt your lipstick and transfer it to the jar. Make sure to scrape off the excess lipstick on its original container

Cool it down for a sec or place it for a while on your fridge. Make sure to clean the lids before closing so it won't look messy.

 This is the last part. If ever your lipstick has a sticker label beneath try to get it and stick it under or on the cover of the jar.

Voila!! you have now a instant Lipstick jar.You can use a brush or with your clean fingers to apply it on your lips.