Friday, October 11, 2013

Colored Concealers

Elf Corrective Concealer Palette

Elf Corrective yellow concealer

Ever wonder what does this things do? They are Concealers which are used to hide imperfections and also used to bring out face our features. But this one comes in different colors looks unusual especially to those who are new to makeup...
But this palette is very helpful for those who want to hide blemishes and other imperfections they have in skin. So according to Michelle Phan's blog here are the uses:

Yellow concealers are great for evening out skin tone and giving an overall bright, refreshed look. Yellow corrector is great to use as a base for eye shadow or to highlight brow and cheekbones!
Kim Kardashian's concealer routine 

Green concealers and correctors are great for neutralizing red tones. Green is opposite from red on the color wheel and essentially cancels out any area on your face that is rosier than you'd like (blemishes, rosacea, scars). (as used in one of her videos with Boyfriend Dominique)

Pink concealers are the perfect brightening agent and help hide signs of fatigue. Just like green is opposite red on the color wheel, pink is opposite bluish-green hues and therefore hides raccoon eyes and perks up sallow olive looking skin. Dab pink concealer on your under-eyes as well as the inner corners to look well rested and radiant!

Blue or Purple Concealer covers yellow in the skin this Usually occurs from some type of illness (jaundice)

Here in Philippines we mostly have a Medium to Dark Skin tones that's why we rarely have corrective concealers in our local beauty brands mostly Yellowish to Brown colors. But there are some imported brands selling these kind of concealers one of it is Elf. 

Any Other brands you know? 
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