Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brush Essentials

One way to achieve your desired makeup look is having good quality brushes whether Its natural or man-made fiber, expensive or not.
This article is all about my personal choice of brushes that I think are important in achieving your makeup look.

80 Pesos from 999 mall Divisoria

Beauty Blender or Sponge

- This is an important tool for blending our liquid foundation or BB cream to avoid crease or uneven application. Make sure to clean it if you are using it regularly to avoid breakouts.

170 pesos, Landmark

Flat top Brush

- I use this mostly in applying powder after foundation or concealer. Its flat top shape gives a good sweep in patting up powder for an even look. Make sure to choose a material that is soft to avoid irritation in your face.

79.75 pesos, Landmark 

Concealer Brush

- Maybe you're thinking why when you can just use your hands to apply, well there are some parts of the face that is hard to even out the application, mostly the sides of the nose and mouth when applying red lipstick.

 79.75 pesos, 150 pesos ,Landmark

Blush Brush

- Adding colors to the cheeks could change a lot your original face shape, you can even look like you loose kilos. So why not use a good blush brush. Just make sure to know the correct way for blushing for your face shape.

Ranges from 50 - 79.75 pesos, Landmark

Eye Shadow Brushes

-  Eye shadow brushes comes in different shapes, thickness and uses. Well I don't know how makeup guru's name them but they are all useful. I categorize them into two the applicator and the Blender. Remember Smokey eyes couldnt be achieved without a good fluffy blender so better get one.

60 pesos, Watsons


- "Eyes are the windows to the soul and Windows need Frames" just heard it from Michelle Phan from one of her Tuts. Eye Brows should also be groomed for it frames the eyes and also could give you a different look or even make you look younger so better use a spoolie to groom it.

50 Pesos, Landmark

Eyelash Curler

- Luck are those people who can afford to have their lashes permed or Naturally Long and Curled (thank you Lord!). But for those who want a cheap and quick remedy use a eyelash curler and start to Wink, Wink and Blink, Blink.

 Remember it doesn't have to be expensive, look for something affordable yet has a good quality and Also make sure to keep it clean to preserve its quality. So that's all.
Thank you for reading...