Monday, March 17, 2014

Watch Sherlock #TheWayYouWantIt

A lot of you have seen my Girly and fun-loving side But there's more to me than to what meets the eye. There are things about me that I haven't shared in my blog before and now I'm about to share it.
 I am a person who rarely watches the television (unlike when I was a kid). Mostly, I listen to my favorite songs or surf the internet but there's this one particular show which makes my pupil dilate and makes my heart beat fast and I wouldn't  miss it for the world. It's Sherlock by BBC. The story was adapted from the book of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Starred by my Favorite Benedict Cumberbatch (the great photobomber in the Oscar's this year) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit). The Show has only 3 episodes per season,now we are waiting for season 4 and the  HIATUS is on.
*Hiatus-A temporary gap, pause, break, or absence 

I love how every case in each episodes values the Importance of every person and detail in the crime scene. In these show you'll learn the Science of deduction, Learning different cyphers,Skip codes, Techniques and even Creating a Mind palace for a sharp and better memory. You'll also love how the Consulting Criminal Jim Moriarty spice up every crime the Consulting Detective has.

Missing one episode of Sherlock would be a big heartbreak for a fan girl like me. That's why having Sky Cable would be a relief for Sherlock fans here in the Philippines. Sky Cable is one of the biggest and trusted Cable TV provider here in Philippines. It offers world of limitless possibilities with
its widest selection of channels and different ways to enjoy it. You can choose from a bundle which would fit your family budget.

There are 4 features in which Sky Cable subscribers can enjoy

First, The most number of standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) channels. Imagine yourself Browsing 180 Channels when you are stuck at home during summer or this coming holy week. You have limitless shows to watch with your family or learn a new recipe or something by just sitting at home.

Second feature of Sky Cable is the ability to add channels and packs that you like to your basic plan. Yes It's now possible And better ask the whole family what to add so it would be a Good deal.

Third feature is one of my favorite feature,SKYcable enables you to take control of your TV viewing with iRecord. Amazing Right!, Now your mom wouldn't be sad missing her favorite soap opera, dad wouldn't also miss the basketball finals he waited Because now you can:

The SKYcable iRecord also has timeshift which lets you pause live TV in case you
need to step out for a while and resume where you left off.
With a press of a button, it lets you record like your favorite tv series – while
watching the news. The SKYcable iRecord also lets you schedule recordings so it
automatically saves the shows you want even if you’re not around.

You can bookmark, fast forward and rewind recorded shows so you can get back to

your favorite scenes in a snap. Plus savor every exciting moment in slow motion
and frame by frame playback.

(This feature will help me watch and observe every detail,actions,words my Sherlock does in his Show. )

Last feature,Get access to special shows and events through SKYcable Pay-Per-View
and Free View. Hate waiting for Manny Paquiao's boxing match? or Want to watch a concert with the whole family without spending lots of thousands? This feature is just perfect for you. Be in your VIP seats at home as you watch your desired shows. It's Hassle Free and Budget Friendly.

There are limitless ways to enjoy your subscriptions with Sky Cable and Imagine what you can do as they  make a lot of possibilities in watching your Television #TheWayYouWantIt

Now With Sky Cable we can Watch Sherlock anytime just #TheWayYouWantIt

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