Monday, March 24, 2014

Zambales Getaway 2014

Last March 22 and 23 We had another getaway with my family and relatives. It was 5-6 hour drive away from the Metro but if you were there everything would be worth it.

Zambales  is a province  located in the Central Luzon region. The place has a lot of beautiful beaches and sceneries that will make your summer cravings solved. One of the most visited beach there is The Potipot Island. The island could be reached by riding a boat for 10 mins. The island is covered with beige sands and scattered seashells. There is an entrance fee of 100 pesos each for those who wish to swim. There are also cottages around where in you can rent for overnight stays.

We stayed there for almost 3 hours. Enough for swimming and taking pictures. Souvenirs like ref magnets, bracelets,key chains and other accessories are also available in the island. 

The clear blue waters of the beach shows a perfect gradient which calls for a dip.

If you don't want to rent tables or cottages like us you can just sit under the shade of the trees. But make sure to check the sand because there might be some ants. You don't want to end up with ant bites all over your hot bodies. 

Here are some of the souvenirs that you can take home. Make sure to bring money so you can give your loved ones pasalubong.

Try to visit Potipot this summer and Experience the fun and the beauty of nature. Have a bonding experience with your family, friends and loved ones here.

love lots,