Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Confidence day1

This Blog post Is my personal response to the questions from the book 365 steps to Self-Confidence by David Preston Lawrence. Try to take 5 minutes to reflect and answer some of the questions in a notebook
"What difference would it make to your life if you knew without any doubt that you could achieve anything you set your heart on?"

If I have enough courage and confidence in me, I think that I could be anything that I wanted to be. From being a fashion designer who will walk the runway no matter what others would tell about my creation, A teacher who will face almost 200 noisy and naughty students everyday, A good speaker who will talk,persuade and be friends with a lot of people, An Applicant who will get the attention of the best employers in the country.

"What confidence means to you. What do confident people do that unconfident people do not?
What would you do differently if you were confident? "

Confidence is the ability of a person to flaunt whatever positive or negative attributes they have and shines in whatever they do. They can speak whatever it is in their mind, act the way they wanted and be able to smile and stand up again whenever they fail. Unlike unconfident people they always play safe, avoid people, never socialize and easily gives up. If I am person full of confidence and positivity in life I would make friends and accept challenges that will make me a better person in the future.

"Three beliefs that you hold about yourself which could be limiting your confidence."

First, I am Paranoid, I always think of what might be the worst that could happen until it becomes a fear and start to doubt myself of what I can do. If I could be the opposite of this, I believe that I could withstand whatever may happen in that specific situation and learn from the experience.
Second, I doubt my abilities and it becomes my Insecurities. I've got a lot of questions in myself thinking "Can I do this? Can I pass that? What if I fail?, What if they didn't like me? What If i Mumble and forget words?" Those questions keep popping in my head whenever there is an opportunity. Maybe, I should keep some positive thoughts in my mind and forget failures.
 Lastly, my Physique. I am petite, I don't have the model's body that I've always dreamt of, I don't see myself Pretty whenever I'm in front of a mirror. I keep putting pound and pounds of cosmetics in my face till I see the face that I wanted. I've got a lot of unwanted hairs all over my body and experience the pain of waxing every month. Maybe some excercise could help me get that fit and toned body but still struggle with my height.