Monday, April 28, 2014

Kenko world

Are you looking for cheap brushes?
Try dropping by at Kenko at Fisher mall located at Quezon city  and get affordable beauty tools like sponges, artificial nails,brushes and powder puffs.

I got these 2 brushes for as low as 80 pesos. Both are soft and artificial made, they come in a plastic pouch which is useful for storage.

The smaller brush is just 30 pesos though I noticed that the label "Brow comb & Brush doesn't fit the product inside while the blush brush icost around 50 pesos.

There are also a lot of other stuffs from kenko from I phone cases, pillows, frames, school supplies and electronic appliances that are somehow similar to CD-Rking's. If you love going to saizen or japanese home try  also visiting kenko shop now and start finding a lot of cute goodies.