Saturday, April 26, 2014

Korean Beauty products

South Korea, The home of our favorite romantic koreanovelas like Boys over flowers, My girlfriend is a gumiho, when a man loves, playful kiss and a lot more!!. Koreans were known to be fit and young looking,their poreless and porcelain faces which everyone loves.

Now I can achieve their look  by trying some  products my mom gave me. First is this Skin food Peach sake pore BB cream with SPF 20 PA +

It comes in a 30 ml pump bottle. I love the packaging, It's sleek and easy to use. It's not messy when used, you don't have to worry spilling it on your bag.

 It contains peach extract that soothes oily, troubled skin and Sake for controlling excessive oils.

 I don't understand the korean text aside from the numbers and description on top.

My shade is in Natural beige, Its just the right shade for me. It blends well in my skin and I love the peachy smell. The BB cream makes a matte finish which could be the result of peach and sake.
I'll be updating this blog with my picture using the BB cream soon

Next one is this Nature Republic Aloe Vera soothing gel. Aloe Vera is known to be beneficial in our skin and hair as it treat wounds, burns and infections, It is also good in moisturizing our hair that's why it's one of the main ingredients used in shampoos.
I still haven't used this product. I really don't know how to use it because I can't understand the label written, though I have read a lot of good reviews for this products since It could be used in a lot of ways. From skin moisturizer, makeup remover, stretch marks remover and a lot more.
It comes in a 300 ml container. Better use it with spatula to prevent bacteria build up in the product.

Last product is snail solution mask sheet also from nature republic.
I can't write more about this product since I haven't tried it but I'll be updating this post as soon as I have tried it.