Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mink: Redefining the Beauty industry

Good news to all makeup junkie's out there! 3d Makeup printer called "Mink" will be out in the market. Now you don't have to worry running out of colors in your palette since this new product gives off all the colors you can see in the pantone.

What is Mink?

Mink is a 3D printer  created by Grace Choi, former Harvard Business School student. 
Mink let's its user to print the shade of the makeup they want in the comfort of their house. It could print eyeshadows' lipsticks, foundation and blush in any color you want. You need an application with color picker and voila! just print it and in seconds you'll get your own shade of makeup.

Mink uses FDA-approved Substrates which is used by a lot of makeup companies. “The inkjet handles the pigment, and the same raw material substrates can create any type of makeup, from powders to cream to lipstick. Implementing this ability on the Mink is not hard to do, it’s actually more of a business decision.”according to Ms. Choi 

Ms Choi hopes to launch Mink on the market later in the year, at a retail price of less than $200 or approximately 9000 pesos here in Phlippines.

I don't know the other features available for the product since its not yet available here. But here are some of my concerns for the product:

1. Will it be able to make glittered eyeshadow?
2. Is the eyeshadow pigmented enough?
3. Does it need a specific ink? Is the Ink expensive?
4. How about the makeup containers do they have specific size to fit the printer?

Those are just some of my concerns about the product, though I love the whole Idea of the product she created since It will give the netizens power to create their own color palette without spending too much money. This product will surely be a great threat to makeup brands out there. 
So do you like this product?