Friday, May 9, 2014

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

X-MEN:  Days of Future Past is now coming! I am excited  to watch the whole movie as I saw the after credits clip in Wolverine and  in The Amazing Spiderman 2. I am super excited to see my DADDY (kidding!) Wolverine  played by Hugh Jackman who never ages  and also the hot Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence. 
The Movie was directed by: Bryan Singer who also directed the other X-MEN movies. 

As the title Says: Days of Future Past, the movie might travel back to some scenes that happened in the past to save their future. So start doing your X-MEN movie marathon, Invite your friends and family and also movie nerds in  order to catch up with the movie.

Speaking of Future Past;  What would you correct from your past to save the future?

If given the chance I could correct my past, I would change my course into something I really like. If ever I would be able to do that I wouldn't be stuck here at home staring at those jobs ads, sad to say, I am not qualified. Maybe If I took the course that I wanted, I would be really motivated to work and help my family now. But then, Let's all move forward and see what surprises in life we might have in the future.
Going back to our topic X-MEN which is all about Mutants with special abilities. I tried to imagine myself as a mutant. I would be a simple petite girl in my human form but a Vixen as a mutant. My skills would include the power to hypnotize men and use my freshly-manicured long sharp nails to protect myself from harm. I also designed my own costume, It's sexy and daring with colors red and black which complements the name and personality of a Vixen. 

 The Vixen in her #OOTD

So that's all I can share with you today! Let's all watch X-MEN this coming  May 22,2014 in all theaters nationwide. Better watch it with friends and family in 3D.