Thursday, May 29, 2014


May 29, 2014, SM WOMAN or formerly known as SM Ladies fashion have launched their newest set of Collection for the Holiday 2014 collection. It was held at SMX Convention center at Mall of Asia the home of PhFW. I was luckily given a chance to watch the show in the best seat with my boyfriend and we both enjoyed it as we saw some familiar faces on the crowd and on stage (even backstage)..

The opening act was powerful and exciting as a model posed and its new emblem arises on stage as the groovy beat of music plays and that's how you make an Entrance!
Thank Goodness I was able to get a photo of the opening act. Nice stage and Production!!

 The collection consists mostly of printed floral designs since Floral prints are in trend this 2014. It also shows the mix of tailored pieces, soft and sheer fabrics and graphic prints. There are lots of skirts; Plain or in prints, Mostly Midi-skirts and pencil skirts. 

SM Woman catered fashion for every woman's needs from Casual, Work wear, summer wear and even dresses for special occasions. Every piece on their collection looks fab and trendy and easy to wear. It's a must have in every Woman's closet.

Check their new collection at the nearest SM Malls around you, I bet you'll love it too.

Final walk to close the show

Congratulations SM WOMAN for a Job well done! Thank you also for the Invites and freebies, See you again this coming Spring/Summer Collection!

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