Saturday, June 28, 2014

Best places to visit in the Metro

Philippines consists of 7,107 islands with different beautiful sceneries and rich culture that you could choose to visit as long as you can. But for those people who who can't afford to travel around there are some places that I can recommend for you to go and visit without the big luggages and pricey tickets..

Here are some in my list:

the oldest district and historic core of the City of Manila, Also known as the " The Walled City or simply  "walls". It acted as a defense walls by the spanish colonial goverment as protection from outside invaders. This place will give you a Vigan-feels as you visit some of its attractions like the newly renovated Manila Cathedral, Gardens like Puerta real (free entrance), San Diego Garden and Fort Santiago.

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Next on my list

itemprop="articleBody"> The La Mesa Ecopark provides healthful outdoor recreation and a true forest experience. It is a living classroom and laboratory for environmental education and aims to be a center for biodiversity conservation. Today, the park continues to be a popular destination for photography shoots, family outings and picnics, and educational field trips. This place is one of my favorite places to visit for recreation and a little reflection.Imagine you are in a forest within a city and for an affordable fee you can try their facilities and activities like :Old Salt Water Swimming Pool Complex,Fishing,Horseback riding, Zip line,Bow and Arrow Fun Archery,Bungee Fun and Superferry Boating Lagoon (just like Baguio's famous Burnham Park)

Third destination:

Bonifacio High Street
itemprop="articleBody"> If you are a shoppaholic and movie lover this place is for you.This is a place where people can find a collection of gallery-designed offices, fashionable boutiques, chef-based restaurants, an urban amphitheater, water plaza, garden islands, interactive art pieces and the newest 4DX theater.


No need to go to Subic for ocean adventure, It's here in the metro! Manila Ocean Park is the country's first world-class marine theme park and a premiere educational facility. An integrated urban resort with marine life attractions and aqua-themed hotel, the park is geared towards an all-year, all-weather destination for locals and tourists. Everyday is a holiday and an ultimate fun place for all ages. Meet some fishes you've never seen before like Nemo (clown fish), Sea Horses, Penguins and more... Your family would definitely enjoy this place!


itemprop="articleBody"> For a long tiring day, you deserve to have a break Especially for our call center agents and employees near Mandaluyong, try this place and you'll never have to go to Pansol, Laguna just for a hot spring. Ace Water Spa, the first to offer hydrotherapy massage. They have a well maintained facilities and serves good food at their restaurants. Aside from Hydrotherapy pools they also have Sauna, Steam Bath and Herbal pools. Better bring an appropriate swim wear (No Cotton Please!!)

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Being stuck here in Metro Manila Isn't Boring, There are still other places that you can explore without breaking the bank. So How do you like my list? 

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