Saturday, June 28, 2014

Call Center 101: What to wear at work.

Unlike the western countries, Call Centers here in Philippines wears Casual clothes instead of corporate attire. Wearing Suit and ties doesn’t fit the tropical climate we have here and second reason I think is they use their Voices as an investment to this job whether day or night so they need to be in their most comfortable clothes yet decent and work appropriate.
This post is all about style ideas for our Call center ladies out there:

For a more feminine vibe, Try this look. Floral is the new black, pair it with Plain or other printed piece that would complement the look. Perfect for Day shifts

Laid back look for a "im-so-lazy-to-dress-up-day" It bring out a geeky vibe in you

Inspired by Tricia Gosingtian's look, Want to feel warm during a cold night shift?
Try this look. Denim jackets are now in so try to get one. 

Another comfy look in your boyfriend jeans. For grave yard shift look

Some Call centers allow their applicants to wear casual clothes for interview and some requires to look a little formal, So here's a chic interview look that might help you impress your interviewer.

Do you like my style ideas? Feel free to comment below

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