Tuesday, July 8, 2014

tight jeans no more

Recently, I've been searching for skirts around my closet, trying to avoid my old and faded skinny jeans. Skirt is now one of my favorite pieces aside from being away from tight jeans it gives me more feminine vibe and it's easy to pair with. 
I have been using skinny jeans since highschool and I am getting a little sick of it since everytime I go out it's always a tight jeans day.

This look is from one of my lazy sunday ootd. With just a plain  tee and this aztec pencil skirt, you can easily pull off this look and  look good.

Remember skirts and plain tees are one of style essentials so better have one because these pieces are versatile and also comfortable.  No one beats these classic staples. Trends may come but this babies remains on style (just work your magic on styling)

So how do you like this look?
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