Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila

Imagine yourself in a room full of clothes, a zip lock bag and a clock ticking.
What would you do?
Well every Fashionistas, Shoppaholics and Kikays out there know what to do

" Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila"

This is the answer to your wardrobe problems  and let me explain the concept of it.

It's basically just like hunger games but in this one though no one will be killed nor harmed (yay!) and you have your one and only weapon and that is the mighty buffet bag, during this event, this buffey bag will be your best friend and it will be an extension of you. On the plus side of al this excitement, you'll also get the chance to meet other fashionista tributes that are all ready to grab clothes with their game faces on.
Remember these phrases: Pick it, Zip it and Keep it
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Pick it: Get whatever you want, they have clothes for S,M,L frames while stocks last. No fitting(time is ticking) Make sure before you go you know your style and your size because you don't want to end up getting clothes that you don't like and clothes that doesn't fit 
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Zip it: Whatever you want as long as it would fit your buffet bag (no damage please or else you'll pay 100 pesos for another buffet bag) Practice folding clothes at home and try to beat the highest number of clothes.

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Keep it! This is the best part! whatever is in your buffet bag, You can have it! The more,the merrier! For just 1,999 pesos you can now take home clothes from local and international brands you love!

In addition to that, this is what your weapon (the buffet bag) would look like and much like a real weapon, it comes with one size only and this will definitely challenge  you in your adventure because you can stuff as much as 15-18 pieces of clothing and as we all know, THE MORE THE MERRIER!

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So mark your calendars this coming October 17 & 18 at   Il Terrazzo,Tomas morato, Quezon city. Experience all of these for only 1,999 pesos! This is a great therapy for all ladies who are all stressed  and tired of work. Bring your friends and experience the fun and try to beat the highest number of clothes stuffed.

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May the clothes be ever in your favor
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