Monday, September 15, 2014

Gotta love that small Hanabishi fan!

Weather here in Philippines quite always feel like summer. We always hate how hard it is to sleep on a one hot sticky night during Ber-months which is supposedly a bed weather month for us. In that case we tend to shower twice or thrice a day, use our aircon or use our Electric fan on it's highest level.

Speaking of Electric Fan , How many fans do you have at home? Do you consider getting a smaller fan or desk fan?  Continue reading and see the benefits of having a small fan
What is the benefit of having a small electric desk fan? For starters, what is the thing you hate on big electric fans? I for one hate that clunking sound when your fan reaches the second year of ownership. Yes! That sound usually heard on the tense interrogation scenes on movies where a lamp swings back and forth or…that metallic screech on those un-lubricated doors on those clich├ęd horror scenes. AHHH!!! 
Good thing humans have bones instead of metals for our skeletal framework. Imagine an old-age human, walking like a near-scrap Transformer.
Man oh, man, what started as a background white noise becomes irritating---Just like marriage (just kidding) A serious point though, why am I emphasizing on the importance of the second year run of your desk fan? Well, as consumers, we look for longevity of every item we buy. Once it becomes irritating or dysfunctional or not performing to your specifications, then at a single heartbeat and with an enough paycheck, you will immediately buy a new one! 
Does this mean that I hate all kinds of electric fans, be it tall all short? And if you’re looking for practicality, then isn’t it more advisable to get a stand fan? To some degree, I agree (see, it rhymes, so it has sense). But here’s my point:
The average household has two electric fans. Why not make it three?  
Get this Hanabishi Desk Fan HCF 007. It is one of the most portable ventilation units around. It has a reliable seven-inch synthetic propeller.  Comes with slide switch with two speed selections. Can be adjusted up to 120 degree upwards. It can be mounted on a wall and the best of all—maintains smooth mechanical white noise sound, keeping you productive and cool at the same time!

Going back to the two year performance assessment, it has been proven that the Hanabishi Desk Fan HCF 007 will not act like an old Transformer up until its fourth year. Plus, you will only need minimal maintenance to make it as good as new, unlike big electric fans. 
Because once it has been opened and repaired, they are never the same. Much like how you were innocent then you were introduced to some weird $hii, er…I mean stuff.
Having small wires and small parts really pays off on end-game situations. So, is it good to get one? The answer is yes! In the Philippines, you can buy this unit for no more than 700 pesos. For four years, it will blow you all day, all night (green-mindedness not allowed). In essence, you’re like paying 50 cents a day. Plus, it runs on minimal power requirement. So having that third fan, which is designed as a study fan, won’t be hard on your electric bill. Longevity, quality, affordability and practicality, these are the traits deeply embedded on the CTW Hanabishi Desk Fan HCF 007. Study cool or sleep cool!
Get it Here !

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