Saturday, September 6, 2014

SMART Making MEGA in South Africa

 When I watched Making Mega at South America with Anne Curtis on the cover last year, I felt excited for their next trip and now as Mega launched their Making Mega at South Africa I have this thing on my mind telling me "YOU HAVE TO BUY THE MAGAZINE!"

I felt sad when I wasn't able to get one of the 436 invitation giveaway of Making MEGA in SouthAfrica The Big Fashion Issue Launch  last September 4, 2014 (because Duh!!! It's MEGA,Every woman who loves fashion knows it and would want to be a part of it) but after watching the making of the magazine for the September Issue, It left a smile on my face, I saw the dedication and hard work of the team to finish their work on time and at its best.

With the four biggest names in the showbiz industry: Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Barretto, Erich Gonzales and Maja Salvador
I saw a different side of them on the Smart Making Mega documentary.
I love how the teen queen Kathryn shows her simple and very down to earth personality,
Julia also showed that she is game of everything, Erich, I love what she said on her part that everything has its time and we have our own seasons where we will bloom, While Maja became the life of their trip.

I love how the team executed the photo shoot from hair and makeup from Jing Monis & Robbie Pinera, Wardrobe magic by the hands of Patrick Galang  and my Idol their Photographer Mark Nicdao. I think I am in love with Mark Nicdao and his photos. I have read and saw his name in magazines and credits from my favorite stars but never knew what he looked like (now I know). He made the photos really breathtaking. I love how his crazy idea of putting strings into fabric to make it look flowing (that's a very useful tip). But this would not be possible without the Genius minds of the Fashion Giants in the Industry,the Creative Director Suki Salvador, The founder and CEO Sari Yap and MEGA’s new Editor-In-Chief  Peewee Reyes-Isidro.

Congratulations for an another successful Issue! We'll all be looking forward to your next Fashion adventures and I promise I'll get a copy of this Issue


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