Monday, October 13, 2014

My Too Girly Books to Read

Reading books is one of my most hated thing when I was in high school and college. I am really not into it and I hate making book reports. Being a bookworm is  not a one-day-it-became-my-hobby thing. Being Unemployed for a year has its own perks which includes blogging and reading.
Whenever I see books, I am attracted by a cover which has a Pink, Princess like or Fashion inspired covers and from that moment I'll memorize the title and look for an ebook version.
Recently I've been downloading a lot of ebooks here in the internet and saving them to my phone to be able to read them and now I wanna share you some of the books that recently made my world crazy. 
1. The Selection Series by Keira Cass
What to expect on this book: A Prince, Monarchy, War, Rebels, Ball gowns and Parties. This book was referred to as The Bachelor Meets The Hunger Games.
2. Suddenly Royal By Nichole Chase
What to expect: It's like princess diaries from different royalties and their love teams. Feel like a royalty while reading this book!

3. Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram

What to expect: A blogger meets her biggest fan and love of her life: The hottest male star in America (oops! she didn't know he was a celebrity).

4.  Revenge of the girl with the great personality by Elizabeth Eulberg
What to expect: Beauty Pageants and a Total makeover! Just like from an ugly duckling to a beautiful white swan!

5. To all the Boys I've love before by Jenny Han
What to expect: Letters for  Ex-Love, Puppy love and whoever had been all mailed to their houses (But really wasn't intended to be read by them)

That's all I have for you today, These books are too girly and sometimes cheesy. Hope you'll enjoy it the way I do.
Happy Reading! 
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