Saturday, October 18, 2014

How it feels to shower with Coco

Coconut is known to be the tree of life, Every part has its own purpose and everything can be consumed from the leaves, bark, trunk and especially the fruit which contains the coconut water (miracle water!) But have you ever wondered how it feels to shower with Coconut Water? 
Just continue reading to find out my thoughts.
Last September, A lot of people were asking what the hashtag #IShoweredwithCoco is all about then  Finally every questions had been answered! The Coco I'm talking about is The Dial Coconut Water read more here about the product launch. 
So to begin with my Coco experience let's first take a look at the product:
The Product comes in a 473ml clear squeeze bottle. It's easy to open and squeeze so there is no problem with the packaging.
The label states a description, Ingredients and directions on how to use so no worries for people who are not familiar to the product.

As I used it for the first time, I can easily smell the good scent that comes from the product even my little sister loved the smell and insists to use it too.
I used it with a bath sponge so I can maximize the use of the product. It's easy to rinse and gives you a squeaky clean feeling but the difference of it from other commercial soaps we have is that it hydrates our skin which is the best thing about it plus the fact that it is made from Coconut Water.

Dial Coconut Water  is now available at leading department stores. It also comes in a glycerin soap form that comes in 3 bars.
Dial is the soap for all seasons, trusted by generations! No wonder why Dial is one of the most trusted brands in America and now hailed as the product of the year by Consumer Survey of Product Innovation. 
So what about you? Have you showered already with coco?
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