Friday, October 3, 2014

Shopping Wishlist: Forever 21

Hello there! I'm sharing you again some of my wishlist for one of my favorite brand but sadly, I haven't owned any piece of clothing from their store (sobs!) 
I've been checking out their stores whenever I see one and there was this one time when I am saving a Sodexo Gift Certificate  for their monthly Sale but unfortunately I have to prioritize  buying books and reviewers before clothes.

What am I Talking about? Obviously, It's FOREVER 21! 
Everytime you enter their stores, My Heart beats faster and my pupils dilate. I'm like a child being left on playground with lots of colorful things and lots of girls like me!
Forever 21 caters fashion for all, From Kids,Boys,Girls, Ladies and Men. 
This October, I joined some of my favorite bloggers on their Giveaway and because of my eagerness to win even just ONE(and I pray), I joined 10x (10 entries) and here's some of my personal picks and Wants:
"Into the Wild"
I <3 USA
"Parisian Belle"
"Badass Street hip"
"Smart and Preppy"
"The Little Black Dress"
 "Just like Martine"
 "Lazy day"

Each style I created has different stories, personality and inspirations. From adventurous to laid back, comfy or whatever just came into my mind I showed it through my style pegs. I wanted to create a statement through clothing without being over the top. From basic staples now comes a stylish ensemble for different personalities.

So do you like my entries and picks?
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