Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BDJ Camp Gorgeous

As an official Bella ( I already have My BDJ planner and Card last July), next thing I want to experience is the events they are throwing.
Luckily I was Given a chance to attend 2 of their workshops for The BDJ Camp Gorgeous.
 Though the weather wasn't good enough because of typhoon Luis My cousin and I still pushed o attend the  said event. We came there  30 minutes earlier  from our talk so we could roam around and try some products.
We saw a lot of booths from BDJ's sponsors like Revlon, Lorea'l, Too cool for school, Piandre, Cover Girl, PAC, Benefit Cosmetics and a lot more. Every booths offers something for each Bellas and here's a peek of what happened during the event :
Bella's Pass to every workshop

Mr. Patrick Alcober, Makeup artist from Shu Uemura for his workshop "Be Bold, Be Edgy"
The Transformation!

 Ms. Miaka Lim from Benefit Cosmetics for her workshop, Get a Beauty boost which focused on how to make a quick day-to-night makeup look for Bellas on the go.

 Taken from glam glow's booth which offers a free trial for their product. Click here to see my quick review.
I also had a chance to meet these lovely makeup gurus from the KALM Cosmetics booth
 Ms. Ana Victorino
 and Ms. Shebby Liquete  who made my makeup for that day.
She gave me a doll like transformation and I love it.

and by the way here's what I got on my Loot!

This event really helped us Bellas a lot. This would help us boost our confidence and the way we see and take care of ourselves. It's no just about makeup, It's about how to bring one's beauty out with the help of these workshops and makeup.

Thanks and Congratulations Belle de Jour! See you again on your next event!

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