Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gluta White and Firm Facial Experience

Taking care of my face is one of the hardest things I do especially for someone like me who is prone to breakouts due to excessive oil, Dirt and unhealthy lifestyle.  When everything gets worst because of these healthy red zits I have on my face I only have One option: Use an exfoliant to make it dry easily but sometimes it ends up looking burnt and dark.
I only had a facial cleaning once and I was a little afraid of trying it again. I was really afraid of those  needles digging my face that feels just like they are mining a cave full of gold. That was my first time that's why I am a little ignorant of what happens during a facial session, That First was just out of curiosity and that curiosity became a nightmare.
Last November 10 , I was given a chance to try Gluta White and Firm Facial and Diamond Peel at their Robinson's Ermita Pop-up booth. I came their exactly at 5pm and I barely wear makeup because I just came from work haggard and tired. One of their staff easily notice something on my face so she started giving me tips and facts about taking care of our face and immediately introduced their product.

 Gluta White and Firm is a complete line of beauty products that promotes whitening and firming. The set includes a facial wash, toner, facial cream, pressed powder, soap, lotion and deodorant. I love how they came up with a complete line of products that everyone could use from Head-to-toe and didn't just focused on one part.
 They also have premium products that are physician formulated if you need an intensive care for your skin.

Here are some photos taken during the Facial and Diamond Peeling:
 Cleaned my face first to remove dirt and makeup that was still on face,

 Next step was using a Pore Cleanser and Massaged it to my face (It feels relaxing!)

 Using their Machine, A  tube like equipment that acts like a vacuum cleans my face and It wasn't painful. She also used a laser like tube which according to her was used to close the open pores.
 Here's the Diamond Peeling Process, They did not touch my pimples so it won't get irritated.

Here's how I look after the whole process:

Looking fresh! This was my first time to enjoy facial treatment after my first try. They told me that I could opt not dig my face with needles If I really don't want and I was Thankful for that!
I was advised not to wash my face the whole night since I still have some of my pores open and Indeed, Great skin is always In! #NoFilter #NoMakeup
Want a Free Facial too?
Purchase any product worth 300 pesos for a free facial and 500 pesos for a Free Facial and Diamond peel from their Pop-up booth at Robinson's Manila near the super market. Don't Miss this offer!

Special thanks to this lady For taking my pictures during the treatment!
Thanks again Gluta White and Firm for this treatment! I enjoyed It a lot and had a great time with your friendly staff! Sorry I'm really not good memorizing names! 
Like their Page for Promos and More Details:
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