Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Taste of Paris in #TeamFrenchVanilla

Paris is every girl's dream destination and you could definitely count me, my family and my friends in.
Who could resist to visit this beautiful city that makes every lovers kiss, The City that feasts the eyes with it's Visual Art and Romantic Culture, The City that sounds Sexy even It's hard for us to understand and lastly, makes everyone's stomach starve with it's delightful cuisine, I dream to experience that one day especially shopping around one of the biggest fashion district that has  greatly influenced  our fashion industry. 

Being in Paris would be a great experience but being with my Barkada and Family, Duh! It's Freakingly Awesome. Imagine how we would Pose in our Couture #OOTD's a la Parisian Belle which we could barely wear in Philippines, Eat our #Foodporn-ish food in every restaurant and fulfill our dream to have a cool shot under the famous Eiffel Tower and other Picturesque spots in Paris that will make others want to visit Paris too and also enjoy the lights and feel the silence around the city at night.
But for now that seems to be a little hard, Maybe We'll just Work and Dream hard to experience travelling to Paris Or  let's just watch a movie and take a bite and experience the melting goodness that Cadbury French Vanilla gives.
French Vanilla is one of the flavors we love in Ice cream and the fact that it is now with a creamy chocolate would be awesome! It really Complements the sweet and romantic feeling that we could feel while we are dreaming of Paris. 
Meet Cadbury's Newest Variant The French Vanilla
French Vanilla is one of the new flavors of Cadbury together with the Chocolate Mousse Inspired by our favorite city, Paris, France. The Sweet chocolate and its delightful flavors will bring us instantly in Paris. 
Grab one now and Have a sweet Parisian ending


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