Sunday, November 9, 2014

Just Like Cinderella

I am so Happy to share that one of my childhood dreams already came true!

I am not Cinderella, But I want to be just like Cinderella who was given a chance by her Fairy God Mother to be a lady whom she never thought she would be. A simple transformation  started to change her life and gave her the life she deserve. 

Well, I am not Cinderella. I am just a girl who dreams to have a Chance to show the world who I am and what I can do. I did not attend a ball and I don't have a fairy god mother who used her magic wand, But I have this opportunity to be in a Magazine with the designer who acted like my fairy god mother. Thanks Tita Ellen!

Designers for me are like Fairy God Mothers. They grant your wishes and makes you feel beautiful as they work their magic creating clothes that are made for "happily ever after".
They create clothes that makes you feel like a real  Queen and Princess.

I am 21 turning 22, 5'0 in height, brown dull eyes, thick black hair and has a medium-fair complexion. I don't have Victoria's Secrets Angels's face and Body. The last time I ever wore a Gown was at my 18th birthday and  Sad to say I was never asked to be part of  any Santacruzan here which made me ask myself "Am I not pretty to be part of that?" Asking that question to myself is one of the most depressing question. I lost my confidence, start self-pitying and lastly create a wall between me and the world.

Having the opportunity to be on a magazine is one of the best achievement that I could cross out my bucket list. This all happened last October 21,2014 at Brentwood Suites at Quezon City. This is for Island Weddings Magazine.

Since this is a first, I really had a hard time posing. I am a fan of ANTM and I know I look awkward in some of my poses. I don't have a good bone structure nor a fierce eyes for a smize but hopefully I got one good frame for the magazine!

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