Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dress to Impress

Meeting new people is fun, but there's always that one thing that bothers me most of the time. There's a question at the back of my head saying "Did I even gave them a good impression? or am I even worthy of their time?" 
In our life we meet a lot of people who sees us in a different way. Some people Stay, while some Go.
So might as well let those people have a good impression on you simply on the way you dress up.

Being a girl with lots of insecurities, I'd make sure I have ways of keeping my thoughts away from the negative things and one of them is dressing up.

Whenever I dress up to my mood, I feel a boost of confidence that somehow conceals those negative thoughts. I feel like I could do anything under the sun with the right pieces.

 I want people whom I'll meet remember me, I want to give them a mark that tells them that I am worth knowing and meeting, but if not, Let my clothes do the talking.

If they can't remember you, let your clothes leave them a mark, Dress up and Impress them with your creative statements
 Let the world be our runway and make those people break their necks as you come and pass by their lives


Go girl, Dress up!

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