Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Into the curves and edges of Baguio

"Should I go or not?" These are the two questions that kept bothering me the day before we travel. and Yes I did joined the trip and thankfully I did.
It's been 6 years since my last visit at Baguio and arriving there brings me back to  my high school days. The trees, the cold breeze seems like a dream that I always want to go back to, A place where it feels a a home away from home.
I went away from my routine, I wanted to chill a little and give myself a treat. No alarm clocks and No Work! 2 days of my daily salary can't bring me to Baguio instantly so I insisted that no matter what I'll join. 
When we arrived their at 9:00am and stayed at an Apartelle near Mary Knolls, We had a big room with 3 bedrooms that could accommodate up to 10-12 persons. We had our quick brunch there and started touring the City of Pines

We went to Baguio's tourist destinations roamed around every edge and cliffs like Camp John Hay wherein we played crazy like little kids in the middle of Pine trees, Took Pictures with St. Bernard Dogs and Wore Igorot's traditional costumes at Mines View Park, played around Burnham Park and Visited "La Presa" and a lot more. 

I know 2 days isn't enough, If I could just extend a little time, I would, but I still have a life to live and a stomach to fill.
I'll miss the cold breeze, Pine trees ,nice scenery along the way, the peaceful aura and the strawberries. 

That was really a blast and I am looking for more trips like this

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