Sunday, August 30, 2015

My new found Happiness: Lettering & Calligraphy

I hate mondays! yes and who doesn't? It simply just means we need to get back to the daily grind and sometimes I am getting sick with this routine. 
I tried to make a solution for my Monday Blues and that is to find a new hobby that I'll look forward doing after work and I bet you It's super effective. Here's how it all started:
I've went to this Shoe Bazaar at MOA and as I walk around I saw this booth that sells some Craft stuff  and inks which I have no Idea of using; then I saw another booth that gives watercolor workshop for a fee which made me check it out and see what they're doing.
As I go home I realized I wanted to do those things too!
There's this "Spark" in my head that made me fell in love with lettering in a  Heartbeat.
I started searching for that shop and I found it! But then I realized those tools needed are a bit out of my tight budget considering that I am just a beginner who knows nothing about that craft and another thing workshops costs already a week of my salary.
I decided to improvise a little. I looked for cheap brushes and Pen that I could use for practicing lettering, downloaded ebooks and searched for some tuts that could help me.
and from those simple things I am learning  step by step.
Here are some of the stuff I've got from hunting:
Monami Calligraphy Pens  - 34.75 pesos each

Zig Scroll & Brush Pen - 97.00 Pesos 

Monami Highlighters - 16.75 Pesos

Water Brushes - 311.00 Pesos at Deovir
Water Color Pad - 140.00 Pesos

Dong-A Fineliner 0.4mm -19.75 Pesos 
The ABC of Hand Lettering - 295.00 Pesos
I am totally enjoying Lettering! and Hopefully soon I'll be able to improve just like those people who are now successful doing this stuff. I just need more practice and IMAGINATION
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