Monday, July 13, 2015

Into a different world.

It's been a month since my  last post and I apologize for that. But I've been itching to post something
As a girl who loves fashion, working on a Construction & Engineering Company is like jumping from one world to another ( Seriously, this is a true story).
 From  blogging which includes dressing up, taking a lot of photos, makeup and doing a lot more things which builds my brand, I can't believe I survived almost Seven months of Filing, Encoding and Familiarizing with those terms and codes which were all out of my vocabulary. 

But even if the world is different from the world I've known, I've managed to still keep myself from doing what I love 
But unlike those days, I had to lie-low a little so I could cope up with the daily grind.

Jumping from one world requires you to keep yourself aware of the worst that may come yet still keeping the optimism of what advantages this new world will give you.
You'll experience up's and downs, success and failures but in the end your experiences will build you to a better person you'll never expect you'll be.

And In case you are torn between these worlds, take a break, just like what I did 
take a moment to find your peace, look for a different space where you can be who you really are and don't ever change just because;
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