Saturday, June 6, 2015

Style Studio Salon & Spa

Last May 23 I had my visit at Style Studio Salon & Spa. I was thinking of having a hair color since four months already passed since my last hair color and in my past photos you can see how bad it looks. 

Style Studio Salon is located at Banawe, Quezon City, So I  don't have problem finding the place since I am familiar  at their location. Arriving their I saw only a few of their staff and some customers.
The place is well-ventilated , cute & cozy in its Peachy-Pink theme with nice chairs, couches & chandeliers. It has 2 floors- 1st for the Salon use and I think the second floor is used for waxing and massage 

I availed their summer promo at 1499 which includes a Hair Color, Keratin Treatment, Foot Spa and Pedicure. This was already a good steal since hair coloring alone would cost me 1500 pesos already based on my hair type and Length. (Thick, Dry, Bra line Length)
Davines Products

They Immediately accommodated me: Washed my hair with a really nice smelling shampoo then Immediately started applying some hair cream on my roots.
After the first application, one of their staff led me to another chair so we can start with the foot spa.

 I started soaking my feet for like 5 minutes then she started scrubbing it. After that they also put some Orange colored cream which feels minty. Then applied a Mud Colored foot mask which made my legs look lighter. Super love their foot spa! You should try it too!

Back again to My hair color, Sir Jhong (The Hair Stylist) Started to put cream which I think is the Hair Color already. I think It took him an Hour to finish applying hair color because I admit it My Hair is Really thick! Then back to shampoo and the keratin treatment.
He did not trimmed my hair because of its texture and I trust him for that but instead of the haircut he just ironed my hair and asked me not to wash it for a day so the keratin treatment would stick.Also I love Ate who did my pedicure, She's very light-handed like I didn't noticed she was already done cleaning my nails.
So here's how my new hair color looks like 
too bad I wasn't able to take a good photo after the treatment since I was so hungry that time

Love my new hair color 
What I Love:
-Foot Spa!! 
-Clean & Organized Space
-Staff- for doing their job well 
- Loyalty Card that gives freebies for their loyal customers

What to Improve:
-Just a little PR from their staff since they all seem to be quiet & serious which is a little off since I was expecting of a chit chat from them
- They were out numbered that day, they are only 4 of them that's why they are having trouble entertaining some of their customers 
Thanks again to Ms. Chesca De Mesa for the 500 Pesos Voucher that she gave away from her Birthday Giveaway post.

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