Friday, August 5, 2016

Change The Way You See Beauty

We live in a world where everything seems to be a beauty pageant.   Girls aim for that hot beach body, beautiful clothes and the perfect Kardashian sculpted face.  It's saddening to know that the society has established their own standards of beauty. 

We can't deny how a lot of people were being bashed and rejected  based from their size, height, color and appearance without being given the chance to show what they've got.  As a result we keep changing our selves into someone we don’t really know.  Girls try to mask themselves with tons of makeup while some are starving themselves just to be able to look skinny. We are all born with differences but I bet you you are beautiful in your own way.

If you have seen me in person, you’ll see my scarred face due to breakouts, unmanageable hair and my super petite body.
But I learned to love myself, embrace whatever I have no matter how many times people would tease me for my height and breakouts.

The meaning of beauty is not being perfect. 
  Beauty is something that makes a person glow despite all the flaws of what our naked eye can see.  It isn't a game of face values or who has the better genes
It isn't about the color  of your race, vital statistics or your skinny body. 

Beauty is something that comes from deep within.  Remember how the Mighty one  created beauty out of ashes and darkness so who are we to give standards? It's ourselves who should start seeing our own beauty then the rest will follow.

Let's change the way we see beauty.  No standards,  no judgments,  just pure appreciation of what is around us and just like beauty  let’s
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How about you? What is beauty for you?

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