Thursday, December 13, 2012


First thing that comes into my mind is "COLLEGE DAY" which means PARTY, and a Fashion Show. Today's Fashionista Contest is called PROJECT FASHIONISTA which includes a designer with his/her clothes collection. Luckily i'm one the chosen designer for our cluster and for my assignment i will be handling   NEON CHIC PARADE and SOCIETAL HIGH FASHION (again!!)
The Problem is I have to Produce 20 clothes in One week!! Imagine How many days i haven't sleep just to finish working with  the resources available.

For Neon Chic Parade, the mechanics said that it should be wearable and 70% is neon... I had  a lot of ideas about it but it would cost too much so for my final concept for this category would be a festive neon look. This Collection would be inspired by the colorful tutu's worn by the ballerina's. For the girls i made tutu made of tulle combination of neon Colors Like Orange, Neon, Yellow, Pink. I also added plain colors like violet, red and white to give it a colorful vibe. Thank God For giving us DIVISORIA i bought the neon tulle only 25 pesos per yard at yangco market. For the male models my Co-Designer Bought some Board Shorts   with a neon stripes on it and Colorful Sandos that's why i had more time doing the costumes of the Girls.

Sorry for the Not so Good Pictures Models are  asked to be Jolly so they danced and Rocked the stage that night.

This Category made me worry and stressed... I had a good design for this collection Something Nude, Flowing and lacy but because of our Budget we have to tighten our belts. I am really stressed out, Frustrated and down. For this Category i Only have 600 pesos left to buy the chiffon and lace and some lace applique but that wouldn't be enough. I already sacrificed my allowance and my savings still Not enough to produce 5 clothes.. So I have to ask help from Tita Ellen. Unluckily,she has a lot of gowns to rush that week and it would also cost me much for the labor. To solve my Problem Tita Ellen Suggested to buy clothes similar to my drawings and she would lend me some money. Sunday (day before the contest) afternoon I rushed to Tutuban mall together with my Babe Zy Viray. We searched every rack just to find something similar to my drawings and Thank God I Found some. or the men's wear i hadn't encountered much problem because i just asked them to give me some of their long sleeves or Polo  that they won't miss. I made a bead work on their collars and sleeves to add color and added some scarves for accessories.
Just Me trying to pose with this dress 

Meet Thessa... Our Runway Diva!

 Some of the dress i bought are too small for the models so i prepared a little cheat using the chiffon fabric i also bought... 

This is one of the most memorable contest i had in our college day Imagine being a designer, makeup artist, a cheerer at the same time... All my efforts are not wasted Being the 1st runner up and having the Runway Diva in our cluster is such a great achievement. This would be an early birthday gift for me. The Contest is now over but the memories and Friendship we created for this event will always be treasured... Congratulations CLUSTER 1 We Finally Made It, and to all those people who supported and helped me I LOVE YOU ALL :)

With my Babe... Posing For Success