Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shopping and Depression

Hi There!! Its been a long time since i last updated my blog and i hate myself for that. Well i'm not that busy... Not even school works bothers me for this semester. I'm just having a bad time looking for inspiration and CAMERA (i miss my Kodak) :(
 Well this january i really felt so depressed (and it's a big secret) so i always feel " I WANT TO GO SHOPPING".oh yeah just like Shop till you drop and sky is the limit. Just like some Quotations says
And YES they really are. another quotation i remembered is "SHOPPING is Better than a PSYCHIATRIST.

Because shopping is really a MONEY - GONE past time, i decided to get a Coin bank in order to save some coins i've got from my allowance. And i think this is an effective way to save money. even the smallest amount you can still drop it there and in this way you could set your mind what to buy or do with it after you already filled it up. 
For my coin bank i prefer to drop 5 peso or 10 peso coin so i could save more.

Another way of coping this depression/shopping dilemma/ vanity  i would go to thrift shops or UKAY-UKAY which is very common here in Philippines. I indulge myself looking for good, trendy clothes which would cost more in malls and luckily i have a lot of good finds. but unluckily i still dont have a good camera so i can show you some of it ...Maybe next time.

So that's my way of coping f*cking sadness (hahaha Im getting worse) I hope you could share some of your ways too..
Oh By the way here is an article that proves Shopping is really 

 Good For You


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