Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashion Sketchpad by Tamar Daniel

Gowns... Gowns... Gowns... Who wouldn't want to wear it.. Every one women deserves to use it (also those women at heart).But this dress should fit your body type and personality. I own 3 ball gowns which i wore during my third year and fourth year prom and the one that i used for my 18th birthday. I could turn back the time i wished i could change those dress(because my mom used to choose it for me) and draw something that i really dreamed of wearing. But past is past and still those dresses means a lot to me.

itemscope itemtype="" itemref="_name1"> 5 years ago i really don't know how to draw until i keep doodling and sketching until i get the basics of drawing some dresses. Now i am using a Body template called croquis so i could draw with ease. I have to use this because i find it hard dealing with the proportions of the body.

Croquis according to the wikipedia are comes from French and means simply "sketch". In fashion, the term refers to a quick sketch of a figure (typically 9 heads tall as this is the accepted proportions for fashion illustration) with a loose drawing of the clothes that are being designed

itemscope itemtype="" itemref="_name1"> Last November 2012, my boyfriend bought me a fashion sketch pad by tamar daniel as a peace offering to me. I really keep on praying that no one would purchase it so i will be the one to have it (luckily it's destined to be mine). worth 799 pesoshere in Philippines at National Bookstore. 
I am really happy to have this one because it has 420 Croquis with different poses which is suitable for diffferent kinds of gowns i would like to make. It also contains some informative facts and terms about clothing and Some sites that could inspire us for sketching.

itemscope itemtype="" itemref="_name1" This sketchpad is really one of my treasures and i wish to make those clothes that i have drawn in it someday. I am Saving these pages so i could draw my sketches when i am inspired... I would really look forward to have another when i already drawn all of the croquis

The problem is the availabilty of the product here in the Philippines. There are other fashion sketchpad available here called the Fashionary but it cost 1280 pesos which is more expensive and i have no idea where to buy it.
I wish they could have enough stock of this fashion sketch pad in the bookstores so other aspiring designers could purchase and use it.

Any Other fashion sketchpad you know?
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