Sunday, March 10, 2013


Every Girl wanted a Wardrobe that is full of Designer Clothes , shoes, accessories and a Wardrobe that is being Updated with New Pieces. From Formal , Boho, Classy , Trendy, colorful and fancy Costumes This is what every women Dies For. But For me who is not financially rich we I could not afford to have them. Still i have to look for sales, Bargains and second hand clothes.
2 years ago my friend Recommended me a website to visit when i'm bored, So i immediately tried it on and i Enjoyed it. It's called looklet . Looklet is a virtual Wardrobe where you can be a fashion stylist to some models and post it so others could heart it. It is also a website with free membership where other girls can check out others post and edit some if they want to. Everything Can be used Here. But now since i checked their page Looklet has changed its site the virtual dressing room became a demo and i has no membership and no one can save their pictures. That's why i lost a lot of my styled works without being able to  save it on my laptop. So if You want to try it Go ..Style and Screen Capture (if you want to save it).
Here are some brands that are being used in the website 
Pepe jeans
Marc o polo
Urban Fitters
Calvin Klein
DKNY and A lot More