Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Rarejob Experience

Last April 11, 2014 I had a scheduled interview for chat representative  at Rarejob Philippines. 
Rarejob is an Online English school that teaches Japanese students. It is located at the 5th floor of Sunnymede Building at Quezon Avenue. 
I am familiar with the place so I didn't have problems locating their office. As I enter their office a security guard will approach and ask you for an ID and fill out some information on the slip, After that he'll ask you to remove your shoes and change it with the slippers available... Yeah! Slippers! Cool!!

I came there earlier so I still have time to prepare and meet applicants. I met Monica, She already worked as a part time teacher and now applies for the position ESL trainer. She told me a lot of good things about Rarejob which made me become more interested working in their company. As I observed the employees they are like working in the comfort of their homes. Everyone can wear whatever they want; from shorts to sleeveless dresses. I also heard that they are giving free lunch if you are an office-based employee.

So here's what happened during the screening process:
I was tasked by Miss Debbie to answer a grammar test with 20 items within 10-20 minutes. I tried my best remembering some lessons in SVA and Thank Goodness I Passed.
For the second test I had a speed typing test. I doubt myself passing this part because I only got 28 words per minute. I need to practice more touch-typing.
 Lastly, I had my final Interview. I feel so nervous at this part. My hands are shaking and I can feel my mouth lock everytime I speak (Yeah it's True!) I feel so ashamed and dumb because I am an English major from a known University yet I mumble and find it hard to express myself as I speak. After the Interview Miss Debbie already told me that I can now go home and they'll just send me the results through email.

Now I am crossing my fingers hoping for a Miracle.